I am in Cambodia as part of Tech2Empower, an initiative of Wake. I traveled with a team of Advisers to conduct an interactive “Tech2Empower” workshop for leaders of anti-trafficking and women’s rights NGOs. Advisers contribute their skills and expertise to provide training and mentoring to help amplify the work of anti-trafficking organizations in Cambodia. I am serving as the Master Trainer and facilitator for the event.

If you know my work, you know I have a strong connection to Cambodia because I adopted two beautiful children from the country who are now teenagers. For many years, I served as a board member for an NGO, The Sharing Foundation, that manages an orphanage and many other programs in Roteang Village, including an education program.  The proceeds of my two books have been used to send two young women to college through the Sharing Foundation’s program.


I’ve also taught social media to young people in Cambodia. In 2007,  I was the first person to use Twitter to fundraise so I could attend and help sponsor the first Cambodia Bloggers Conference. I also used Twitter to get pro bono donations of technology t-shirts from technology companies to give to the Cambodia bloggers.

In my other training work, I’ve been a “Canvangelist” sharing Canva for Nonprofits at many of my workshops. Canva and Guy Kawaski generously sent me some t-shirts  that I have gifted during my workshops. In Cambodia, we are also teaching Canva, but I was all out of t-shirts.  I asked Canva if they could mail some to me before my departure.

On Saturday morning before I left, I got a knock on the door – and Guy Kawasaki was standing there with arms full of t-shirts, his book, and Canva coupons!  That’s reason alone to love Canva, but that’s not the only reason why.

Canva is a design tool that lets you create beautiful images without having to be a designer. It makes creating visual content for social media channels a breeze. The tool is easy to use, includes templates, and lots of useful how-to information. I recommend at every workshop, and it is a fantastic tool to introduce NGOs to in other parts of the world.

There is a nonprofit version that every nonprofit around the world should use!



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