Table of Contents

Overview #

This book presents examples of social marketing campaigns and their effects on achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and introduces international and multicultural perspectives on social marketing in different countries and cultures. Each case study contains suggested class discussion questions and answers.

Access #

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Topics #

Topic Areas with 2 or more case studies Number of case studies
·         Sustainable tourism 2
·         Gender equality 3
·         Overcoming stereotypes and prejudices 2
·         Reducing other inequalities 2
Process improvement 15

Allowing for case studies without measured impacts and/or not focused on process improvement:

  • Part 1 includes eight case studies covering Decent work for all; Education; Gender equality; Overcoming stereotypes and prejudices; Reducing other inequalities; and Process improvement.
  • Part 2 includes five case studies covering Depopulation; Regional inequalities; Sustainable tourism; and Process improvement.
  • Part 3 includes nine case studies covering Gender equality; Healthy lifestyles (nutrition, noncommunicable diseases, physical activity, and substance abuse); Sustainable consumption; and Process improvement.

Regions #

Region Number of case studies
Asia 3
Europe 15
Latin America 2
North America 2
Oceania 1

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